Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Art of Eating Out

I've had a few nights of eating out in the past few days. First time since my calorie restriction journey, and it was to nights in a row, but I've taken it as it comes.

Friday night Engineer Daddy and I were childless, so we decided on a whim to have dinner on a terras in the sun, It was one of my favourite restaurants in the city that has an amazing salad with feta cheese, bacon bits, fruit and honey mustard dressing. Yes there was feta and bacon, but also an entire mountain of salad and fruit. It came with bread and butter that I ignored. My drink was a diet coke. Good choices, methinks. That evening I had a serious bicycle ride that burned quite a few calories so I burned some of it of rightaway.

Saturday morning weight was up from 72.9 to 73.3. Mmmkay then. I didn't feel too bad about that, since I had a crazy fast weight loss last week anyway. I went on a pre-breakfast run and didn't eat much during the rest of the day since I knew that evening we would be going out to dinner again, for some friends' birthday at a Mexican restaurant. As aperitif I had a margerita that was amazingly delicious. There were tortilla chips and salsa on the table that I ignored. Many people took a second aperitif, but I declined and asked for sparkling water. Then I had a dish with filled jalapenos, rice, some mixed salad, guacamole and some other stuff. There was some cheese and sauces involved, but all in all it wasn't too bad. I didn't get a dessert, just a coffee. We went to a bar afterwards and I had a sparkling water and a coke zero. I think overall it was a win. I'm extremely happy I didn't fall for the booze trap (boozy trap?). I love to get a bit tipsy, but we all know how much calories there are in alcohol and when I am hungover the day after I have to eat all fatty foods to make up for it. This time, I certainly avoided that. Huzzah!

This morning I took a serious dump before my weigh in and the scale read 73.0. So I think the weigh in from saturday was shit weight. Bwahaha. Anyway. Today was an uneventful day, food wise. I basically stayed on track and I went for a run. I added an extra 1.2km to my typical 7km run. Score! I hope I can start doing that more often.

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