Monday, April 28, 2014

Like a Balloon

Weight went up, as was expected: 72.9kg this morning.

Man it was a hectic weekend. I did stay in within my allowed calories AND I got my exercise (lots of bike riding). The main reason for the big number on the scale is the fact that I had my main meal very late yesterday: 8PM, after the kids went to bed. And it was quite a big portion of spaghetti. (No cheese, I don't need those extra kcals...) Result: I feel bloated as fuck. Tie me to a string and call me a balloon. I didn't even finish my fairly small portion of oatmeal this morning. After my bike ride to work I still don't feel hungry at all. My bowels are still working at full capacity to get everything processed. I'm sure a big number 2 is in my near future.

Did I used to eat like this all the time? Because I don't feel too good now. That'll certainly teach me to eat too much late in the evening. Ugh ugh ugh.

Back on the wagon today. I've got my whole day planned out: Healthy snacks, small dinner, evening run. Shitloads of water to get rid of this bloating. Avoid salt. I'm sure this extra weight will be gone by tomorrow.

Update after lunch: I just had a soup (chinese chicken broth). It was yummy but it filled me up so quickly I did not have any of the crackers I brought. Still feeling so stuffed and bloated. I hope this gets better while the day progresses.

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