Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Nathan QuickView Bottle

Since the topic of this post is at least related to running, I thought I'd start off with this meme. Although I don't nearly look as good as this girl while running, I think it's pretty cool and appropriate.

A few weeks ago I got my first handheld bottle. I also said I would review it on the blog. I already did three runs with it so I figure I'll let you know what I think - so far.

I should probably first put up a disclaimer that this is the first handheld bottle I ever used. I've only been running for a year, safe to say I'm still a novice, and this is my first bottle. Therefor I can't compare it to other bottles.

  • How it feels - At first it was strange, very strange, to run with something attached to my hand. The weight in itself didn't bother me but after 15 minutes my arm did start to feel it. My hand also cramped up a bit. Switching hands is the way to go here. It never got painful though. The system with the thumb hole is, all in all, pretty comfortable. During the third run I'm starting to get used to it.
  • The hydration - Fantastic! It felt really good to take a swig or two from time to time. Yesterday evening it was quite hot and humid out and if it wasn't for that bottle I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to finish my planned 15K. I filled it with water and two spoons of Isostar. Quite tasty and refreshing. I think it was like 100kcals or something, but if such a long run doesn't justify a sports drink I don't know what will.
  • Leakage - Some reviews of this bottle complained about nozzle leakage. I didn't experience that at all. I had no problem drinking from that nozzle, nor did it leak. I did feel some drops during my run yesterday and I thought "Hey it does leak!!" but it was actually a few rain drops. Hah! Didn't actually start to rain though, fortunately.
  • Extra storage - There's a small pouch for smartphone and other stuff. I don't have a smart phone (yet) but it is nice to carry my cell phone with me during a run. I can actually keep track of the time and pick up when someone calls.

Overall, it takes some getting used to, but I think I made a good choice for my first handheld bottle. All thumbs in holes up for this one.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Maintaining, for now

For the past week it's been like crickets in here, hasn't it? Haha!

No falling off the wagon for me. I'm still at a nice 66.0kg so all is well in that regard.

The energy I put into the weight loss efforts has slowed down a bit. I think it's only natural since I've been at it pretty hard core since three months now. I need a break.

I'm no longer tracking calories in vs calories out. First the weekends left big gaping holes in my spreadsheets and now the rest is also empty. I've decided it's a good thing though. Next week Friday we leave for vacation, where it will just be plain impossible to track everything like I have. That's why I'm going with a more intuitive approach right now. I still apply all the good habits I learned while calorie counting, but no more spreadsheet. I hope I can develop some decent coping skills before we leave, while maintaining this weight of ~66kg.

To be completely honest, this past week has me feeling pretty good. I think I'm getting a little more fat in my diet which my bowels are thanking me for. I am now regular again. I'm also no longer seeing my weight go up after the weekend which is probably better for my body overall.

As far as exercise goas, badminton is done for the summer, but I'm still biking and running, trying to increase my running mileage and (most of all) speed.

I've accomplished all my non-scale goals: I'm fitting in all of my pre-children clothes again, my body is toning up, I feel pretty and sexy. When I look in the mirror I love what I see. In no way do I look skinny, but I do look slim. I'm getting compliments on a daily basis now. I still have my eye on that goal weight, but I really can't be assed about it right now.

In conclusion: My short term goal for the vacation is to maintain my current weight and keep up my workouts. Fingers crossed!