Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Handheld Bottle is Here

Weight loss update: 67.5kg this morning. I'm calling it the weekly weight cycle. I'm totally fine with it, I know I can get it back off during the week easy enough.

In other news, my handheld bottle is here, you know the one I talked about in this post. The Nathan Quickview. It doesn't look extremely pretty, but that's not why we buy these kind of things. Practicality is key. The pouch looks good. There's a pocket for a smartphone, if I ever get one, and plenty of room behind it for other stuff (keys, money, some food). There's even a little hole for earbuds. I tested it on mu hand and it seems to fit nicely. Now here's hoping that will still be the case while running. I've read on some reviews that people  were complaining about leakage, but there was a tag on the top that said they are using a new system.

I'm looking forward to using it tomorrow on my long run (I'm thinking 15K, but let's see how it goes). I wonder if hydration will make me go faster.

Some pictures to go with that:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Food Changes I've Made

Going over my blog posts I noticed I talk a lot about the results of my weight loss journey, but not so much about how I actually do it. Well, at least food wise. For this post I thought I would go a little more in-depth about how I changed my eating habits.

As you know, I started counting calories about two and a half months ago. And it was a really positive experience for me. My goal is to stay within 1200 and 1500kcals a day. I didn't take any specific approach (low-carb or blood type diet or whatever), I don't even check protein versus fats versus carbs. I just try to make smart choices within the calorie limits. I keep a spreadsheet with my daily weight, calories in, calories out, water intake and general mood. Although honestly I've been slacking a bit with the spreadsheet lately. It's hard to keep track of everything during busy weekends.

With this tracking, changes in eating habits follow naturally. In the beginning it was mostly about portion control, and after a while I started noticing I could get more satisfied feeling out of food if I ate more of the healthier stuff.

The foods/drinks that I'm now consuming less of:

  • Booze - I used to have a glass of wine or beer several times a week. I looked up the calorie content for my favorite drinks and saw that it just wasn't worth it. I still have a drink here and there, but it's usually only a few during the weekend.
  • Cookies - My employer places fresh cookies at our coffee machines every morning and afternoon. I'm no longer eating them, unless they are those yummy Belvita ones, then I will have one or two.
  • Milk/cream and sugar in my coffee - I used to drink my coffee with milk and sugar, now it's virtually always black. In the weekend I'll sometimes have a latte with stevia or a cappuccino with steamed milk. Yes, in the weekends I'm definitely less strict.
  • Sub sandwiches - I used to have these often at work. I once did the calorie math on my favorite sandwich and it was over 600kcals. Hmmm, not something to do every day.
  • Bread in general - Bread has a lot of calories, actually. I never really knew that. I still eat it, but I will usually only have one or two slices per meal, and add some fresh veggies or trail mix instead.
  • Potato chips - Need I say more? One of my top vices, together with booze. I often had a sneaky bag of them in the evening when Engineer Daddy wasn't home. I checked my favorite kind: 500kcals per bag. I could not believe it. And it's not even that filling; what a rip-off. I will still eat potato chips from time to time, but only when someone else puts them out. And even then it will just be a few handfulls.
  • Portion sizes in general have become smaller. One meal I used to go to town with was spaghetti with tomato sauce. I looove that stuff, preferrably with lots of cheese. Well, I don't do that anymore. Now I have a sensible portion, often without cheese, but with a nice spoonful of hot sauce instead. I've noticed that I got rid of the "stuffed" feeling I used to have on spaghetti nights. Odd, don't you think?

The foods/drinks that I'm now consuming more of:

  • Fruit - I have always been a good fruit eater. But I'll usually have more one or two more servings than before. They help keep me full and keep me away from the cookies at work.
  • Fat-free yoghurt - I eat a yoghurt every morning (125g, 45kcals). Calcium, protein, and keeps me going until lunch.
  • Cottage cheese - Curbs my cheese craving and is so versatile. Throw in some veggies, olives and pickles when you want savoury. Do the same with strawberries, mango or pineapple for sweet. I simply adore this stuff.
  • Crackers - They are basically my bread substitute. For lunch I will usually put some lean lunch meat on them and eat them with a big bowl of fresh soup.
  • Trail mix - I do try to restrain myself when I'm around this stuff because it's still pretty high in calories. It is delicious though, and I find myself craving it more and more so I will happily make space for it in my daily calorie allowance.

That's more or less it, I think. I will probably make a similar post about my workout habits sometime soon.

Compliments from Colleagues

Exactly what the title says; I got compliments on two different occasions from colleagues.

One guy who I don't work directly with, but often see in the bicycle shed, said: "Hey, you've lost quite some weight, haven't you?" And then another one, who I'm pretty close with, saw me yawning at the coffee machine this morning (this was before I had my coffee off course) and said "Well, often when you're losing weight sometimes your energy levels can get a bit low. I see you have been losing."

Woop! And it only took 20lbs. Haha! I'm only kidding a little bit, but it is nice that people are noticing. After all I would fool myself if I said this weight loss is not fueled by at least some vanity. Now tell me I am skinny, DAMMIT! ;-)

On the weight loss front still doing OK today. 66.9kg this morning. 66 is a number I haven't seen in over 4 years now.  Reunited, and it feels so good!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Second Progress Pics Update

67.2kg this morning. Yay, I knew I could get back here in a reasonable time. I'm feeling good about my eating and exercise lately. The exercise has been status quo, but I've actually started consuming more calories. Looking over my spreadsheet I noticed on some days (even workout days) I would only consume like 1000 kcals. Not fucking enough. So now I'm making sure that my intake is somewhere between 1200 and 1500 and it's going well. Still losing weight, apparently.

Right now I'm wearing some pre-children pants (the black pants from my pre-children clothes post, actually) and they're even becoming a bit looser. I figure I might not be able to wear them when I'm at my goal weight. Hmm, maybe with a belt? We'll see.

With this new lowest weight I've reached another milestone, i.e. 20 pounds lost. Hurrah! That calls for some new progress pics.

When combining the pics I saw that I took the profile one on the wrong side, so I had to mirror it before pasting. Hahaha! I haz the picture dumbz, that's for sure.

And yes now I can see a difference for sure! The love handles are a LOT less, and my stomach is looking so flat. Quite happy with those results. 7 more lbs to go, but I bet the pictures won't look much different than today. It's OK, if I can maintain looking like this, where do I sign up?

Here are the new stats, too. I normally only do stats on Friday, but who fucking cares? I'm excited enough to wanna share. There we go:

Height 165cm (5'5")
Starting weight 76.5kg (168.7lbs)
Starting BMI 28.1
Current weight 67.2kg (148.1lbs)
Current BMI 24.7
Lost weight 9.3kg (20.5lbs) - 74.4%
Goal weight 64kg (141lbs)
Goal BMI 23.5

In running news, I did a new long distance yesterday. This is becoming so much fun, I'm even thinking of doing a half marathon someday. Not soon though, because this summer and fall are going to be hectic enough, I don't need any added stress. But maybe next year.

Monday, June 16, 2014


After losing 8kg, I've decided I deserve a reward for all the good work done so far. I'm doing longer runs now so I would really like something to help me keep track of distance, elevation, heart rate, calories burned and maybe more. I'm getting a GPS watch. After looking around on line I'm leaning towards the Polar GPS RC3. Look at its beauty:

Source: DC Rainmaker

All the reviews I've found on line are positive. It's not cheap but hey, I figure if I am going to spend money on it it'd better be a decent one.

My last long run was almost 14K. I have to admit I got a bit thirsty towards the end. If I want to increase my mileage further, I will need a method to hydrate during the runs as well. I really lke this Nathan QuickView handheld bottle. It's got a little pocket to carry stuff around with me as well, which I haven't been able to do so far.

Source: Coolblue

I will for sure review both products if and when I get my hands on them. Watch this space!

Some Favorite Snacks

My weight has been all over the place the past few days. A big influence is the constipation I'm dealing with - again. Ugh it's pretty bad. I had some fatty food during the weekend and as a result I have been doing number twos all day today. So I'm wondering what the scale will say tomorrow. This morning it was 68.6kg. We shall see.

Get ready for another favorite food post.

First up: Trail mix! It's pretty high-calorie but a few of these can really keep me going for a while. I love the combination of the sweet raisins and the fatty nuts. Totally hits the spot.

Secondly: Prunes. This is my attempt at getting my bowels moving. I have 4-5 of these as a mid-afternoon snack; they have a nice natural sweet taste so I don't mind. I just wished they helped more than they seem to do.

Thirdly: Belvita multi-grain cookies. Ooooh, these are so yummy. 55kcals a piece, so I often have two of them as a special treat.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A "Healthy" BMI

I did it, people. This morning the scale said (drumroll please)...

This means that my BMI is now 24.9 and I am officially classified as a healthy person. I know this is just a number on a scale and I considered myself a healthy person at my starting weight. I have always been in good shape, even with the extra flab. But this is still pretty cool.

This also indicated that I've finally cracked that damn plateau. OK, it may not officially have been a plateau but rather a period of eating too much good food. Which is not a problem when done occasionally. Anyway I broke it. Woop!

In food related news I discovered something new; well at least new to me. Around the runner blogosphere I had read about combining cottage cheese and fruit but always raised my eyebrows at it. For some weirds reason I have problems with the idea of combining sweet and savoury foods. But last week I gave it a go: I took some cottage cheese and mixed in our own home grown strawberries. When I ate it, in my head it went something like this:

That's some good stuff right there. Why did I not do this sooner? In the meantime I also tried cottage cheese and mango which is just as good, if not better. I am going to TOWN with this one.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Run Eat Repeat

Weight at 69.2kg right now. Weight loss has been stalling, as you can tell. Honestly I haven't been as careful with my calories as the weeks before. I'm still tracking them, but I'm usually closer to 1500 than 1200 calories the past few days, hence the plateau. I'm OK with it. The plan is still to get to my goal weight, but right now I'm feeling healthy and comfortable in my own skin. I don't mind to take a bit longer.

Running is still going great. Did some intervals yesterday evening, which was interesting and something I'll be doing again. I wonder if they will have an impact on the timing on my longer runs. We'll see.

I haven't been extremely active right now, mostly because I have been reading this awesome blog: Run Eat Repeat. I can relate to this girl, mostly because we kind of have the same built: Small waist and big(ger) butt. Definitely not a runner's body. Off course that's where the comparison ends; she is a much better runner than I am (or probably ever will be). I also love her approach to intuitive eating and will probably look into that a little bit.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Switching it up

I'm a creature of habit, always have been. Seriously, if I could do this weight loss thing by eating the same food I liked every day, running the same route I enjoyed every day, I'd be happy. But nooooo... I hate it when I read that in order to keep losing weight, you have to keep changing your routine, push your body in different ways etc etc.

So today I did it. It wasn't even too bad either. I did a completely different jogging route with a high elevation. It was supposed to be 11.7K but I kinda got lost so it ended up 13K. It took me 1 hour 35 minutes, that includes the time I spent wondering where the fuck I was. Tomorrow it's Zumba (gotta keep cross training) and on Wednesday I'll do some interval training. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do that quite yet, but right now I'm thinking some hill climbing in the neighbourhood.

On the food front I'll have to think of something too. Not too sure yet, I'll need to do some research for that.

Let's lose those last kilos, mmmkay?

Another foody weekend

68.9kg this morning. No surprises there. I had another weekend with a lot of food; Thursday evening a dinner party where the food was sooo delicious it was impossible to resist. Add several glasses of wine and no wonder I gained. And then Friday there was a bit of hangover eating going on.

Moving right along. The following weeks there will be a lot less distractions and temptations, so I can finally get back to this weight loss thing. First goal is to get below 68kg and finally get into the healthy BMI range. I'm so ready for it.