Monday, June 16, 2014


After losing 8kg, I've decided I deserve a reward for all the good work done so far. I'm doing longer runs now so I would really like something to help me keep track of distance, elevation, heart rate, calories burned and maybe more. I'm getting a GPS watch. After looking around on line I'm leaning towards the Polar GPS RC3. Look at its beauty:

Source: DC Rainmaker

All the reviews I've found on line are positive. It's not cheap but hey, I figure if I am going to spend money on it it'd better be a decent one.

My last long run was almost 14K. I have to admit I got a bit thirsty towards the end. If I want to increase my mileage further, I will need a method to hydrate during the runs as well. I really lke this Nathan QuickView handheld bottle. It's got a little pocket to carry stuff around with me as well, which I haven't been able to do so far.

Source: Coolblue

I will for sure review both products if and when I get my hands on them. Watch this space!

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