Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A "Healthy" BMI

I did it, people. This morning the scale said (drumroll please)...

This means that my BMI is now 24.9 and I am officially classified as a healthy person. I know this is just a number on a scale and I considered myself a healthy person at my starting weight. I have always been in good shape, even with the extra flab. But this is still pretty cool.

This also indicated that I've finally cracked that damn plateau. OK, it may not officially have been a plateau but rather a period of eating too much good food. Which is not a problem when done occasionally. Anyway I broke it. Woop!

In food related news I discovered something new; well at least new to me. Around the runner blogosphere I had read about combining cottage cheese and fruit but always raised my eyebrows at it. For some weirds reason I have problems with the idea of combining sweet and savoury foods. But last week I gave it a go: I took some cottage cheese and mixed in our own home grown strawberries. When I ate it, in my head it went something like this:

That's some good stuff right there. Why did I not do this sooner? In the meantime I also tried cottage cheese and mango which is just as good, if not better. I am going to TOWN with this one.

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