Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Handheld Bottle is Here

Weight loss update: 67.5kg this morning. I'm calling it the weekly weight cycle. I'm totally fine with it, I know I can get it back off during the week easy enough.

In other news, my handheld bottle is here, you know the one I talked about in this post. The Nathan Quickview. It doesn't look extremely pretty, but that's not why we buy these kind of things. Practicality is key. The pouch looks good. There's a pocket for a smartphone, if I ever get one, and plenty of room behind it for other stuff (keys, money, some food). There's even a little hole for earbuds. I tested it on mu hand and it seems to fit nicely. Now here's hoping that will still be the case while running. I've read on some reviews that people  were complaining about leakage, but there was a tag on the top that said they are using a new system.

I'm looking forward to using it tomorrow on my long run (I'm thinking 15K, but let's see how it goes). I wonder if hydration will make me go faster.

Some pictures to go with that:

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