Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not enough calories?

Hmmm... Another half kilo gone in a day... That's too much, too soon. I guess I'll have to increase my calorie intake, at least on the days that I work out. Hmmm I'm thinking nuts, raisins and high fiber cookies. I'll go by the store later to check that out.

On the bright side I now weigh 73.5kg. That puts me back to my lowest weight of last year AND back at the weight I was pre-ZwitsalBaby. This also means I'm almost 1/4 of the way along to my goal weight.

I must not get too excited now and stay on track. One to two weeks is usually when I start slipping on a diet. On that note, look at the yummy lunch I just prepared:
3 crackers with cottage cheese, topped with pickle slices and spring onion. Total of 278 calories.

I just went through my archives and I laughed at this post. Clearly I have not lost my love for cottage cheese. Unfortunately it's pretty expensive, but I don't care.

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