Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making the case for dairy

Yesterday I was surfing YouTube again for some videos on diet and weight loss. I stumbled on this BBC documentary called "How to be slim". It focused on finding the best methods to lose weight. Woot! Sounds perfect, so I started watching.

The first couple items were interesting, but nothing I had not heard of before. Then the topic of dairy came up. From what I've read on the internet (because the internet is always right off course), dairy is getting a bad rep. People bashing the stuff and cutting all dairy out of their life. Whut??? Such drastic measures always baffle me.

On the show, they had a guy consuming a dairy-rich diet during one week (mostly low fat dairy products) and the other week he consumed a low dairy diet. Both weeks he consumed more or less the same amount of calories and fat. Then they measured the amount of fat in his feces. This is the icky but fascinating part. During his dairy week, he pooped TWICE the amount of fat than he did in the other week.

TWICE. That's some impressive shit right there.

I have always been mindful to consume enough dairy, because I know us ladies have to remember to keep our bones healthy (osteoporosis, anyone?) and in my experience the easiest source of calcium is still dairy. But I had no idea it could have such a drastic effect on losing fat.

I love me some science and I started researching further. WebMD talks about a study that compared three groups of people with varying dairy intakes and it was clear the high dairy group lost more weight. In addition, they also found that this group lost significantly more body fat.

I'm liking what I'm reading. To put that in practice, this morning I had my usual oatmeal porridge, prepared with semi-skimmed milk. For lunch I packed a 200g jar of cottage cheese and I also have a 125g pot of fat free yoghurt at my disposal for a snack. These are all low calorie food items, but also quite delicious and filling. Apparently they can help me lose some body fat too. I'm excited right now.

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