Tuesday, April 15, 2014

That was a fast one!

So, as you know I've been weighing myself daily now. I try not to put too much value on the number though, I know it can fluctuate for many many reasons.

It showed me that I stayed more or less the same over the weekend, probably because I did consume more calories during those days. And then I hopped on this morning. Half a kilo lost compared to yesterday! Holy Moly.

Is this normal? I guess since it's still the first week my body might still be in shock mode. Like "WTF is happening here with this calorie restriction, y'all???" I'm so happy but also a bit scared. Losing too much too fast can be dangerous; I have to make sure I remain on the straight and narrow. Today I packed a shitload of snacks to keep me from getting hungry. I hope it'll work.

I also had a non scale victory today! I have this pair of pants that I bought in between the two kids. It fit me snugly a few months ago. I put it on this morning and now it fits perfectly, maybe even a little on the loose side. That means I'm definitely losing some inches as well. Yay!

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