Monday, April 14, 2014

BBC docs on crash dieting

I love looking for diet inspiration on the world wide web and on TV. I wrote a post about a TV show I enjoy a lot some time ago.

Well this weekend I was searching YouTube for some videos on diet and weight loss and I stumbled on a few gems: Two BBC documentaries on extreme dieting. They are called "Super Skinny Me" and "Super Slim Me" (just type these names in the YouTube search bar and you're there). It shows a few female journalists going on crash diets to obtain a size zero figure, resulting in serious physical and mental health problems.

It's pretty clear to see that these kinds of crash diets are a verrrry bad idea. And still... I feel like such a freak admitting this (I would only do it on an anonymous blog and never in real life), but I was intrigued. Who doesn't want to diet with fast results? The thing about crash diets is that their rules are usually very simple; basically you get maximum results with a minimum amount of thinking. No calorie counting, looking for the healthiest options, making sure you get enough protein, calcium blah blah blah.

Ugh... I know this is such a dangerous way of thinking, but these kinds of crash diets will always be just a little bit fascinating to me. I can already (kind of) notice it now while I am counting points. When my daily calorie intake is on the low side and I contemplate having a snack, I have opted to just skip the snack so my calorie count is lower. While having a snack and being closer to my maximum allowed intake of 1500 cals a day would be the more reasonable and healthy thing to do, the fact that I showed restraint gives me a feeling of pride.

I need to cut that shit out. Next time I will HAVE the snack, this is a promise to myself.

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