Thursday, April 24, 2014

Temptation in Pastry Form

This morning the scale read 72.2kg. Hellz yes!!! Ticker going down yet again. That also means I lost 4.3kg since starting my journey last summer. That's a third of the way to my total weight loss goal. Woop woop I'm so excited. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to update the stats though. Maybe I'll even take some progress pictures, if I find the time.

After my scale victory I went down to have my usual breakfast of oatmeal porridge. I packed snacks and lunch for MiniMe and myself, helped her get dressed, gave her breakfast, kissed and cuddled everyone goodbye. When I arrived at work I remembered it was Bike To Work Day, a yearly event where all bicycle commuters get a free breakfast. Totally forgot about it. A whole array of pastries were displayed: Croissants, donuts, eclairs etc etc. I used to love that stuff, so my brain did have an initial reaction like "Ohhhh yummm..." but then I thought twice. One of those things probably contains like 500kcals, it contains no nutrients just butter and sugar. Although it does tastes nice, I was not hungry and I did not need them. I took a black coffee, munched 4 strawberries (luckily they also put out a huge basket of fresh fruit) and before I left I also took a banana and a clementine with me.

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I am kinda proud of myself. After all I could've just gone for it. I do allow myself the occasional indulgence. It just didn't tempt me that much. I was also reminded of my indulgence the past weekend and that I actually felt a little sick on Tuesday. Nope, not worth it.

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