Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend Aftermath

So, how did we do this Easter weekend? I weighed in this morning at 73.5kg. I'm totally fine with that. It was a weekend full of temptations. I gave in to some, said no to others. I worked out on Saturday and Sunday and my total calorie count was always OK. The highest was yesterday, at a total of 1684kcal. Considering I didn't work out, I am not surprised to see a small gain.

I was able to resist the easter eggs quite easily, which I'm happy with. It seems that chocolate is slowly losing its grip on me. Phew.

I have to keep in mind that I lost a LOT of weight last week and it's normal to gain some of that back. Plus I did a major number two when I arrived at work, which probably weighed me down as well.

Normally, a few weeks into a new weight loss effort I would totally be losing interest and motivation. Certainly after a small weight gain. Not now though. I'm ready and rearing to go. I've got my workout clothes packed for a lunch workout. All my healthy snacks are sitting on my desk. After a weekend of (controlled) indulgence I am SO ready to go again. Can't wait to see the scales move down again. Woot!!!

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