Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend of Indulgence

I had a glorious weekend, food wise. Thursday was dinner with the in-laws. It was a decent restaurant, and I had starter, main course and dessert. Yes, I had dessert. It was a little dark chocolate cake with gooey center; soooo yummy! I can't possibly feel guilty for that.

Friday evening there was a work party for Engineer Daddy with a BBQ where I had a few glasses of wine, a full plate of food and ice cream. Saturday evening Engineer Daddy made lasagne in the most fattening way I have ever seen. I only had a small portion, but I could taste the fat. Tasted good though. And then Sunday evening was the usual dinner at the in-laws. complete with birthday pie for my sis-in-law.

Yesterday morning came the bill: 69.4kg. I was actually surprised it wasn't more. I guess it was a good thing I worked out on Saturday and I kept my portions reasonably small (except on Thursday).

I had a good day yesterday, complete with workout. I even managed to do a new long distance! Check me out:

957 calories burned in an hour and 9 minutes. Not too shabby. For now I'm going to concentrate on my speed. My goal is to run this 10K in an hour or less. I'm not going to set a time limit on this goal, just see where it goes.

And then this morning I read 68.9kg. Today should be a good day too so I expect to be back around 68.5 tomorrow. Then there's a long weekend coming up. There's probably going to be plenty of food too, so if I can maintain this weight for now I'll be happy. I still plan on meeting my goal of 64kg, but right now I feel good in my skin and I'm going to enjoy life. The weight will come off, I know it will. I'm in no rush though.

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