Tuesday, May 6, 2014

People Noticing!

70.4kg this morning, and we're back on track. Yesterday was a really good day and I'm ready to make this a fantastic week.

This weight actually means I'm about halfway through this weight loss journey (see ticker). This is so exciting! I just have to make sure to stay focused and not let it slide.

Ahhh... nothing better than that shirtless hunk of manhood telling me to focus. Yes, darling.

In other news, last Friday I had dinner with my parents and sisters and they were congratulating me on the weight loss. Finally people are noticing!!! I can't be too surprised my colleagues don't notice since they are all men, but I still expected someone to see it. And it only took a weight loss of 6kg. Jeez. Just kidding, just kidding. I'm really extremely happy that they saw it. Gives me a confidence boost and the motivation to keep up the good work.

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