Monday, May 19, 2014

First Weekend Loss

69.2kg this morning. Huh? First time I've seen a loss during the weekend EVER. I usually gain during the weekend. I did work out on Saturday but all in all my food choices weren't better than any other weekend. Very odd, but I'll take it.

Look at my ticker! My BMI is coming so close to me being classified as "normal". Yay! I know it's just a number and intellectually I know that I am perfectly healthy right now, but it will still feel like a victory when I cross that border.

I am starting to wear the clothes I had before I got pregnant with MiniMe again. They were stashed all the way in the back of my closet, but after trying on some stuff last week I noticed I am starting to fit in many things again! Not all of them mind you, but enough so I don't have to replace all my "fat" clothes. I'm thinking about doing an outfit post or something, to show off the stuff I'm able to wear again.

People are definitely commenting now, after a 7kg loss. Enigineer Daddy said I look good with my new "fit" body and my mother in law said "Wow, you just keep on losing, don't you?" It's certain they both noticed the loss before, but they are only commenting now. I love getting these compliments and I'm sure many people have already noticed but are just too shy or diplomatic to say anything.

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