Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pre-Children Clothes

68.5kg this morning. Hurray! The past few days have been good and I guess it shows. I'm going to do a stats update today because we are having a fancy dinner tonight. I AM planning to make good choices and stay on track, plus I'm going for a run during my lunch break, but I predict there will be some bloating going on tomorrow morning and I don't want that to throw off the results. Without further ado, here come the stats:

Height 165cm (5'5")
Starting weight 76.5kg (168.7lbs)
Starting BMI 28.1
Current weight 68.5kg (151lbs)
Current BMI 25.2
Lost weight 8kg (17.7lbs) - 64%
Goal weight 64kg (141lbs)
Goal BMI 23.5

Just 0.5kg away from being classified as "healthy". Woot! And apparently I'm almost 2/3 of the way to my goal weight. This is so exciting.


In my previous post I said something about posting some outfit pics. And here they are! I took some last night.

Item the first: A wrap dress that I really love because it's comfortable and it hugs my curves in the right places. The colour is a little dull but I usually add some cute accessories to liven up the outfit.

Item the second: OK, this is not technically a pre-children. I actually bought it on sale right before I got knocked up with ZwitsalBaby. BUT it didn't really fit back then anyway, it was too tight. The pricetag is still attached haha! Last week I tried it on and it fit! I was ecstatic because I love polka dots and it's the perfect skirt for summer; it's dressy enough to wear it to work but light enough for the weekends too. Looking at this picture now honestly I think my body looks good! My stomach is pretty flat. The amazing shrinking boobs taken into account, the only flab left in my body are on my arms, butt and legs. I can't wait to see the difference side-by-side once I get to my goal weight.

Item the third: Workout pants! These fit nicely around the stomach but probably a bit tight in the ass area. Definitely wearable though.

Item the fourth and fifth: A black shirt and pants combo. (This is actually the uniform that I wear when playing music in on the of the ensembles I'm a part of.) I totally forgot about those pants until I discovered them in the back of the closet last weekend and I'm relieved because the post-children black dress pants I have are getting seriously big on me.

That was all for now. I still have some favourite pre-children clothes lying around that don't fit quite yet. I hope I'll be able to update this when I get to goal (sooner or later).

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