Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Check me out

70.5kg this morning. Like I said, same thing as last week.

In more interesting news, I did a new longer distance today. Woot!

This running is becoming easier and easier. And fun, too. I am almost looking forward to lacing up my shoes in the evening and getting into the fresh air. Even more significant: It actually rained during the second half of my run yesterday, and I didn't even care. It even made me feel like a pro "Look at me, running in the rain like it doesn't bother me." I'm getting the runner's high more often now, that feeling like I could go on running for hours. All my muscles and joints are cooperating, no injuries so far. I know I should be careful not to push too hard, so I'm going to try and shoot for a regular distance of 10K and stay there for a while, to see how fast I can get it done. This is a new goal of mine.

While I was running I was actually thinking "The scale can suck it, check me out!!" But I do care what the scale says, unfortunately, even though intellectually I know it shouldn't matter that much. I have to start celebrating non scale victories as much as I do the ones on the scale. Maybe I should make a new ticker, one that is related to my running. I should probably think about that for a bit.

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