Monday, May 5, 2014

Good Weekend

71.1kg this morning. Up a little bit again, not as much as the previous weekend though. I'm happy with that, actually. It was Engineer Daddy's birthday, and there was cake and booze. I made good choices and I worked out on Saturday so IMO I handled it pretty well. Today I'm feeling good, no bloated icky feeling like last week; I'm totally ready to roll again today.

Monday evening I usually have my evening run. However Engineer Daddy has a work thing, so that won't be possible. My plan is to do a slightly shorter run during my lunch break. The weather is absolutely amazing today, so I have no excuse whatsoever. I'm almost looking forward to it, even. Also looking forward to seeing an even lower weight on the scale tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

Update: So my lunch break run was OK, just a bit longer than expected. I took a wrong turn somewhere, tried to find an alternative route, but in the end I had to turn back. That resulted in a run that was 3km longer than expected. Woops! But it went good. I never felt out of breath or in pain. WIN!

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