Monday, September 2, 2013

Stats Update

Soooo happy to finally be updating my stats. No, we didn't get a new scale, sadly, but I visited my parents two days ago and hopped on their scale. And it showed... *drumroll*... a 1kg loss! I am so excited right now. So here are the new stats:

Height 165cm (5'5")
Starting weight 76.5kg (168.6lbs)
Starting BMI 28.1
Current weight 75.5kg (166.4lbs)
Current BMI 27.7
Lost weight 1kg (2.2lbs)
Goal weight 64kg (141lbs)
Goal BMI 23.5

I updated my ticker.

Now, 1kg might not seem like so much in 6 weeks time, but I have to keep in mind that in those 6 weeks, we went on vacation where there was wine, seafood and croissants. We also had a wedding where I enjoyed the buffet and the open bar without thinking, and in general the other weekends were not so good either. So in that respect a 1kg loss, or any loss at all, is wonderful. I have been sticking to healthy eating in the week and all the exercise I've been doing is rewarding me with an overall weight loss anyway.

This shows that if I stick with my diet during the weekends as well, I can really shed the pounds fast enough. But if I do cheat in the weekends, it'll be OK too. That last part is really important to me, because I want to be able to cheat now and then. As long as the number on the scale goes down, it's all good. That being said, I hope I'll be able to stick to healthier eating in the weekend as well, just for my general well being. A cheat day once every two weeks sounds good to me.

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