Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall has begun

The weather is changing around these parts. Last week we had summer temperatures and the sun was shining like mad; this week the temperature dropped drastically and it has been raining virtually non-stop. Fall has begun.

I don't mind the fall to be honest. I like the cooler temperatures and seeing the leaves change colors. It makes a morning run so enjoyable. I'm also a big fan of fall fashion. Leather boots, scarves, hats, ... it's accessory paradise! That's a standard jojo-dieter's quote, by the way. It doesn't matter how much I gain or lose, my cool hats will always fit. That's a depressing thought right there.


This sudden change of climate has some annoying side effects: My first cold of the season! I am a ball of snot. My head is throbbing. My muscles are sore, even though I didn't do any weird new exercise routine. I just want to go home, make myself a huge cup of cocoa with an even huger mountain of whipped cream. But instead I am sitting behind my desk at work, sniffling away, and for this evening I am planning my standard 5.3km run. I am going to do it, no doubt about that, but it's going to be verrrry difficult to get my arse in gear. How on earth do people work out while sick? I've never understood it and now I understand it even less.

Bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine. OK it's out of my system. *Phew*

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