Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Son, scale and business trips

My son is still having troubles with his lungs. He coughs a lot and is short of breath. We had several tests done and all of them have been negative. There's nothing out of the ordinary with him, but this nasty infection is still sticking around. Antibiotics should solve the problem. Here's hoping! In other news he just figured out how to crawl and is all over everything. We will have to make sure to keep an eye on him. Nothing is safe anymore. I just love him so much sometimes it feels like my heart's going to jump out of my chest; I hope he feels better soon and ready to conquer the world.

In weight loss world there's nothing new under the sun. Still trucking along. This weekend was hectic and I did go over my points allowance, but I didn't let it bother me. Yesterday I played badminton during lunch break and had another 7km evening run. Today I did Zumba, so I figure that should make up for any weekend excesses.

I'm still contemplating buying a scale, because I do believe I should have lost some weight since I last checked. But I'm still on the fence. On one hand it would be nice to track the loss better, but on the other hand I do tend to get a bit obsessive about the scale, weighing myself every day and getting disappointed when it goes up and down, which is bound to happen anyway. Maybe it is better for me to just weigh myself once a month, when I'm visiting my parents. I'll mull it over a little more.

Engineer Daddy is going on a business trip for 10 days. I'm getting lots of help from family, so the kids and I should be fine, I just hope I'll be able to go running once in a while. I hope I can fit it into my planning somehow.

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