Friday, September 6, 2013

Restaurant plan of attack

Badminton was super-super-superfun! I certainly haven't lost my technique - got a pretty solid serve if I do say so myself - and I was able to keep up as well. I guess all that running is doing something for my physical condition. I was a bit afraid of hurting my ankle; I have twisted it a few times in the past and it's still wobbly from time to time. But it held up perfectly. It had been a really hot today yesterday, so the sports hall was like a sauna in the evening. As a result, the sweat was flying. I didn't care though, I was having too much fun. Can't wait to go again next week!

It's almost weekend, woot! We are going on a trip with the in-laws. I know some people cringe at that thought, but I love my in-laws! They are fantastic, non-boundary stomping folks who help out regularly with the kids. MiniMe and ZwitsalBaby are their only grandchildren (so far) and they love them to bits. Sis and brother in law are also fabulous, all in all this promises to be a fun filled weekend. There is one problem though...

They are foodies.

They love their food and drink. Luckily they only go for the good quality stuff and don't mind spending the extra money. They're also generous and take us along to restaurants frequently. I love them for this, but restaurants are my downfall. I always end up overeating and consuming too much alcohol. The outing will start this evening with a dinner at the very nice hotel restaurant. Although I don't know what the menu looks like, I do need a game plan, like a few rules stuck in my head that will keep me from binging. So here are my rules:

Alcohol - This is the thing I will choose to indulge in. The plan is to have two glasses maximum and that's it. Just enough to get a taste, but not enough to get hammered.

Bread - Stay away from it! It just fills me up and I don't get to enjoy the other food as much. And off course it comes with the best butter, full of saturated fats and salt. Steering clear of that.

Starter - Go for the veggie option, like a soup or a salad. To get my vitamins in and go easy on my stomach.

Main course - No big slab of red meat. I'll look for fish or seafood. No french fries, which is my Achilles' heel. I'll also try to stay away from the pasta dishes that I usually love. But if there's something really nice on offer like home made ravioli, I might just go for that. It'll depend.

Dessert - Skip this and have a coffee instead. If I can't get out of it, try something low-cal like fruit or sorbet.

Oh dear I hope I can stick to my plan of attack... I will evaluate after the weekend to see if I did. Stay tuned!

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